Caribbean Sour


Caribbean Sour
1½ oz One Eyed Jon Spiced Rum
½ oz Egg White
¾ oz Lemon Juice
¾ oz Simple Syrup
Bar Spoon of Amaretto
Lemon Twist for Garnish

Begin by adding the all ingredients except amaretto to a clean shaker tin with no ice and shake. This is referred to as ‘dry shaking’, which will emulsify the egg white without diluting the drink while also adding a nice layer of foam to the cocktail. Next add ice and shake hard, chilling ingredients quickly with minimal dilution. Strain into chilled coupe glass and float one bar spoon of amaretto on top of cocktail. Garnish with a lemon twist.

Not many drinks light up my palate like a traditional sour. Using our unique One Eyed Jon Spiced Rum adds depth and complexity to this delightful cocktail, with notes of cardamom, rosemary, pepper, coffee and the additional dash of amaretto.

Black-Eyed Jon


Black-Eyed Jon




1 oz One-Eyed Jon
½ oz Lime Juice
½ oz Orange Juice
½ oz D.C. Blackberry Cordial
2 oz Atlas Blackberry Cider
2-3 Blackberries for Garnish

Begin with a clean shaker tin, add One-Eyed Jon, lime, orange juice, cordial and shake until tin is cold to touch. Strain into lowball glass with 1 large craft ice cube. Top with Atlas Blackberry Cider. Garnish with a skewer of blackberries.

A well-rounded spiced rum paired with effervescence from blackberry cider and sweetness from blackberry cordial make for a very palatable sipping cocktail.

The Perfect Storm


Perfect Storm














1 oz One Eyed Jon Spiced Rum
½ oz Vanilla Simple Syrup
5 oz Cock & Bull Ginger Beer
½ oz D.C. Darkside Rum
Lime Wedge or Twist for Garnish


Begin with either Highball or Collins glass filled with ice. Add Vanilla Simple Syrup, then One Eyed Jon Spiced Rum, next top with ginger beer. Now to “float liquor” with a large flat spoon or bar spoon, turn spoon upside down over cocktail, put pour spout directly on top of upturned spoon and pour approximately one-half ounce of D.C. Darkside Rum on top of the cocktail. No need to stir. Garnish with lime wedge or twist.


Drunk’n Pumpkin


Drunken Pumpkin













1 oz One Eyed Jon Spiced Rum
3 oz Jack is the New Black Pumpkin Beer by Boneyard
1/2 oz Brown Sugar and Cinnamon Simple Syrup
Cinnamon for Garnish

This cocktail is great for the upcoming Friday Halloween Parties, so long as too many Drunk’n Pumpkin’s don’t turn into Smashing Pumpkins!



One-Eyed Jon’s Banana Hammock

Banana Hammock cocktail

  • 2 oz One-Eyed Jon Spiced Rum
  • 1 oz banana simple syrup
  • 1⁄2 oz orange juice
  • 1⁄2 oz lime juice
  • Dash of Angostura

Rim chilled coupe with sugar.
Put all ingredients into shaker filled with ice and shake well.
Strain into prepared glass.